Shaw House in Newbury First ever Paranormal Investigation 18th Feb 2012 with Most Haunteds Richard Felix

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Prior to our preliminary walkaround, Mike Tottey our medium picked up on the character of a gentleman called James from around the 1730-1745 period. He described him as somewhat flamboyant and effeminate and suggested that he seemed annoyed that we had all come to investigate. We then commenced the walkaround and Mike sensed that people had seen shadowy figures out of the corner of their eye in the "wallpaper room"; Rachel also heard whispering coming from outside of the room and Craig sensed a little girl following him around. Before we entered the "Dolman Suite", Richard,Craig, Alison and Rachel walked down the corridor and they all reported seeing something black from the corner of his eye. Tracy also saw something. Someone heard a dog bark and the K2 meter also showed an orange spike. Mike suggested that he could hear the voices of children and when someone heard the words "I'm scared", Mike attributed it to one of the children. In the "1581 Chambers" room several people heard an audible groan as we prepared to leave the room and something touched Tracey's hip. In the attic room, we learned that a lady had hanged herself some years ago. Mike gave the date as the later 1800's and suggested that she looked about 21 years of age and that she had fallen pregnant, possibly to a sailor. In the basement area, we observed the tunnel that ran under the house. Mike heard groaning and suggested that he sensed something down there.

We then moved to the oak roam where Mike felt the odd shadow of residual energy and decided that we should definitly do some further work in this room. We decided to begin our investigation in here and cleared the tables to allow us to do the human pendulum experiment. After selecting a lady to act as the pendulum, we started to ask questions and apparently contacted the energy of a 13 year old male called Thomas who lived in the house and died of illness elsewhere. He claimed to remain resident and said that he did not know that he had died. He said that he could see us and said that other spirits remained in the vicinity. Mike sensed appendicitis. We then changed the operator as the existing lady started to feel hot and somewhat painful. With a man acting as the second pendulum, we picked up on the energy of a younger child of 11 who lived in the hall as a school boy. He claimed to have died there (but not in the house) and suggested that he found himself grounded there. He said that he loved the place and had his parents with him. His father apparently worked as a caretaker and other school children also remained in the location. Whilst this progressed, Alison had the experience of falling backwards and feeling rather drunk. Staff member David related to a boy who did die in the house around 1982/1983, during his school days, after an accidental strangling.

We returned to the attic area once again and started to investigate in the office room where the lady had died. The dowsing rodes initially gave no response until Mike started to ask questions about choking and vominitng, at which point they crossed. However, despite repeated questions we received no more information and so attempted to use the upturned glass to communicate. We recevied only weak responses, but apparently contacted a female who had died before her time. We ceased using the glass due to few responses and once again returned to using the dowsing rods. Whilst the rods did cross in response to questions, we received no strong signals and so decided to move onto the next location.

In the King Charles Room we started proceedings using the springulum. We called out a number of questions relating to the English Civil War bur received only slight movements. One of the ladies using the spingulum then started to ask questions in relation to a teacher called Mrs Miller who had taught her when she came to school at the house. The spirit gave answers of relevance and confirmed that it had seen the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the second.

We then moved to the "1581 Chambers" room. On the way there, whilst passing through the Doloman Suite, two ladies saw orbs though the night vision goggles. We attempted to use the Ouija board but received only slight movement and despite out best efforts we decided to leave this room and move to the small "mystery" room located close to our base room.

The small mystery room existed part way up the staircase and quite close to the room we had just left. In contained an unusual wooden platform on which Mike could see weapons laid out, such as guns. He also suggested that they would have kept the power beneath the wood surface. Once again Mike picked up on a character called James and sensed that James spent much of his younger life here. At one point he also got the surname of Andrews. Mike picked up on the presence of dead bodies in this room and believed that they may have once used it as a temporary morgue during the civil war. He visualised bodies stacked and piled in great numbers, possibly kept somewhat preserved here during the colder months. Some questioning with the dowsing rods delivered results and we seemed to make contact with a Cavalier who supported parliament. He claimed to have held officer rank and said that he died instantly when hit by a canon ball. He claimed to find himself surrounded by more than 50 dead men and admitted that he feared judgement. He said that he had worked on a farm and considered himself a poor man and a volunteer. He said that he had fired a matchlock. Prior to us closing the session, Mike claimed to have seen someone looking through the holes in the door, from the outside. We checked but saw noone.

Report of vigil in attic office area with Richard Felix, Rachel Heaton and Alison Bramhall

During our vigil in the attic area, which is now an office, Richard suggested we attempt to make communication via the Ouija board. Two group members went out to do a small investigation in the corridor outside the office with Rachel whilst we proceeded to contact spirit via the board. We were told by spirit that we were communicating with the spirit of a young lady who had taken her own life in this area. She said she had hanged herself because the man she loved had died. She said she wanted to be with him and that’s why she killed herself. But she was stuck in this area because she had taken her own life and had not been able to move on. She desperately wanted to move on so Richard attempted to send her towards the light. When we asked if she was still there she did not answer so we assumed she had moved on and hopefully met up with the man she loved. All went quiet on the board and our vigil in the attic came to an end.

Shaw House Report Richard Felix, Rachel Heaton, and Alison Bramhall Group Cont...

Oak Panelled Rm

As a whole group to start we decided to do the Human Pendulum in the Oak Room. Richard Felix and Mike Tottey the Medium led the session. During which we were told by David this used to be the Headmaster/mistresses room. We had an amazing contact with a boy that communicated through a Gent chosen in the Human Pendulum. He said via moving the Gentleman in an agreed yes position that he had attended school at Shaw House. Mike gave us good questions to ask and we discovered this boy was 14 years old. He stated he was from the 1980’s, and claimed to be with his parents at times, but stated that he could not move on and didn’t want to go to the light. The Gent whom was communicating this on the spirit boy’s behalf was abrupt in movement and forceful. We sensed something was not right the session was ended. On speaking to David (Shaw House Team Member) he said he remembered a boy killing another boy in 1982-1983 he had strangled him and was sent to a Borstal. We will follow this lead on our return to Shaw House with Chris Conway in May. The Human Pendulum was successful on both times communicating firstly with a younger boy.

King Charles Room

On our way into King Charles Room some had heard footsteps on the hearing enhancers. Richard Felix began using his Springulum a device created to contact spirit through movement of the device. During which the room was extremely dark but we wore night vision goggles and Alison had seen a Gent stood by the fireplace arm resting upon it! Others picked up a deep breathing sound coming from no one present. This Gent vanished as quickly as he appeared. During which Richard Felix began communication with a Gent whom had died in the house, he had been killed in the Battle of Newbury. Killed inside the house, he was a Royalist soldier. He was shot but it took a long time for him to die. He claims to be buried in the churchyard and had a proper burial. The Gent communicated that he frequented Shaw House in visitation but was not bound here. He claimed to be happy and he could leave this plane whenever he wanted but chose to stay. He also claimed where he is is a good place, that he do’s not eat or drink anymore. Other things were communicated that he was married had no children, and that he is amongst other spirits at Shaw House. Some whom he fought against. At times that others are on different frequency and that he enjoyed communicating with us. He claimed Shaw House had more than 5 spirits, that they can see each other. He claimed to see the 11yr old boy we communicated with in the Oak Room, also a lady whom committed suicide although he did not like her (because of suicide act?). The Gent told us via the Springulum King Charles did not stay here at Shaw House. That the bullet hole is real it happened in battle. He also told us that many spirits were outside in the grounds of men whose bodies were never found during the Battle. He wants to help them. Richard asked if he could gather them but he claimed he could not do this. He stated the battlefields are very haunted. The session closed we all said goodnight.

Attic Corridor

Prior to our Vigil in the attic Office we gathered in the hallway some guests had hearing enhancers as did Alison and I. We began to call out and I decided to sit with Alison at the end of the corridor. I sensed a dark energy here, I knew it was a man. I felt one side getting colder the temperature was checked and it fell quickly from 65.6, 64.6, 63.9, to 64.6 again. On sitting down on the floor, breathing was heard and my head was being touched. After a few minutes Alison and I clearly heard ‘Raaa chel ‘! It was loud and dragged out. Alison immediately jumped up terrified on hearing it and spoke of what she had heard, confirming what I had heard. I knew this Gent was stood behind me he also had touched the top of my head quite forcefully and my hair came forward! I asked what he wanted but maybe because attention was drawn to him he had now left! This was amazing!! So clear but yes Spooky! A few people complained of having a dry throat in the attic area, was this to do with the girl whom committed suicide or just us? It was only in this area however. More sighs were heard by guests in this area. Richard took the group into the office room and communicated with the girl whom committed suicide. Alison writes more on this as I decided to take a couple of guests into the hall outside. Two ladies decided to sit in the hallway with me, we heard breathing and sighs at both ends of the corridor. The ladies had seen shadows too as I did. We did call out and on banging the floor to ask for a repeat we heard this faint though.

It was an eventful night and alas some notes I cannot find so if guests want to add to the report send it in to our Face Book group, Ghost Night Events I would really appreciate your help.