Ryecroft Hall in Audenshaw Manchester Ghost Hunt with Medium Adrian Clark 29th Sept 2012

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We began our Nights Paranormal Investigation / Ghost Hunt at the Beautiful Ryecroft Hall in Audenshaw in Manchester on the night of 29th September 2012. Following an introduction to ghost hunting and the equipment we would use that night we began a tour with our medium Adrian Clark.
Findings during our walk around the location Medium Adrian Clark

CELLAR – Mood changed, smell of death, threat and told to get out. Men in white Coats early 1900s
An Alsatian dog picked up however later a girl explained she had one around her as a protector in Spirit.

Shouting heard 2-3 people arguing. Walking in water? Flooding? Coffins was this a mortuary? A Soldier Officer present he was not happy at our presence. Ladies Tea Room chatting women. More Soldiers.

TOP OF STAIRS – People felt like crying, lady following people carrying a tray not aware of us maybe residual energy not Spirit to communicate with. Screaming and Shouting heard by Adrian here. A Butler here not nice felt as though someone had hand around throat and went over bannister.

FRONT BEDROOM – Children a boy 2 years old and a girl 5-6 years old playing with toys. Late 1800s. Pauline Day new Ghost Night Events Medium felt tingling sensation.
BALLROOM – Lots beds ? A ward. First shown lots tables and chairs. No energies present.
LIBRARY – Pauline Day smelt tobacco. Piped tobacco. A man from the government an MP small older man 1920-1930s.

Adrian sensed man to be bearded and moustache 5ft 7. He held a brandy glass in his hand / cigar in another. Possible name Arthur. Parlous vous Francais? Surname of Goodfellow from 1878. Adrian picked up the roof had collapsed at some point.

ATTIC – Feelings of unsteadiness felt by lots guests. Feelings of wanting to cry and a baby being taken away. The man previously sensed with brandy glass and a lady having an argument about a baby. Baby not hers. Lady went into room next door and had the feeling to stop Pauline, as she had seen someone Pauline got the name “Godfrey Buckley 1889 “ When she said he sounded posh she was told to “Buzz off”. A gentleman with long white gown and crutches sensed.
ROOM 2 ATTIC – Felt happier in this room, Spirit children singing ring a ring roses. Pauline felt as though someone would have been hung here. Amanda Littlewood Ghost Night Events team member and sensitive felt she could hear footsteps.

We had a break then split into groups to do our paranormal investigation / Ghost Hunt using equipment provided to enhance the ghost hunters experience.

Alison’s group ventured into the Cellar – the room where spirits thought to be nurses could be heard to be chatting. Voices were heard was this Spirit or upstairs noise contamination? Glasswork divination experiment without response however the EMF detector did go off. Ladies legs felt cold top of glass felt hot. Chris felt as though the rooms had been blocked off bricked up. Lady heard humming through hearing enhancers. Dowsing rods crossed, so we asked Spirit to show where they were in the room with response. Sign for yes was rod moving right, no was to the left. We had response to such but no real response to questions asked.

OLD LIBRARY GROUP / & BALLROOM – Door heard expected to open but no one there. Table Tipping experiment heard a noise in the corner of the room sounded like a deep breath – low murmuring voices heard a male and tapping noises in response to questions asked on calling out to spirit.
NURSERY – EMF meter went off, Alison heard a childs voice and knocks were also heard.
BALLROOM – Table tipping felt as though table had been tapped. In the kitchen area a whistling was heard.

ATTIC – Ouija Board, planchette moved slowly. Was a female communicating with the group. From Yes replies it was ascertained that she had lived in the house, liking living there, hence why she remained. Her first letter of her name was K. She didn’t answer to being a child and wouldn’t give any age.

The night was extremely enjoyable and many had some spirit contact. We ended the night with an interesting ending the Human Pendulum with great results. We certainly will return to Ryecroft Hall soon. Such a vast and Most Haunted Location!